The Mullet Run is challenge designed to test your resourcefulness and creativity.

You will be piloting...

...on a mission to capture

...that have been scattered across this fancy, multi-level track:

There is a reflectance sensor beneath each flag, which detects when a flag has been captured. Flags are captured by simply knocking them over.

Not all flags will be easy to capture...

Fortunately, you will be given your very own Bag o' Stuff!

You will have as much time as you want to figure out the best way to use the items in your Bag o' Stuff to build bridges/contractions/whatever that can be applied to the robot and/or the track that will enable you to get as many points as possible.

Once you piece together your solution, you will have a...

Note that during your 3-minute run, a contestant will only be allowed to use the remote to move the robot (read: you can't mess with the track, throw things, etc.)

The remote is a standard "pistol" setup:

Oh, and one more thing: